Linear Actuators for Marine Technology

Applications involving water, and especially salt water, pose an immense challenge to the equipment being used. Phoenix Mecano's drive solutions master these challenges while delivering outstanding reliability to users. Our robust linear actuators feature stable construction and high IP protection. Thus, they are perfectly suited for marine and offshore applications. Their versatile range of applications also covers:

  1. Sail boats
  2. Yachts
  3. Maintenance and assembly equipment
  4. Navigation and control technology
  5. Fishing Technology
  6. Processing plants

Among the many functions that our robust drives carry out for marine and offshore technology are controlling bathing platforms, opening and closing all types of windows and hatches, and adjusting the tilt angle of GPS antennas. Thanks to their maintenance-free motors, reliable adjustments and simple operations, linear drives from Phoenix Mecano ensure a comfortable experience at sea. Phoenix Mecano also designs and develops customized variants of drive technology which are precisely tailored to specific applications.

Ship technology applications

Comfort is just as much in demand on the high seas as it is in the field or in the factory. Many things should be moved at the push of a button, some fully automatically. Yachts and sailboats need adjustment solutions for their many configurable components: from the keel to the GPS antenna. Modern assembly equipment and processing facilities are expected to be convenient and safe to operate.

Why linear drives are important

Linear drives are robotic components. By moving devices, they are able to replace manual operations. Much of what was previously operated by people – often in high waves and darkness – is now moved by linear drives. This improves safety and comfort and reduces personnel.

Requirements for linear drives on the high seas

For linear drives in marine technology, there are three critical requirements: They must be easy to integrate into the design of the boat or machine. Secondly, they should be easy to control remotely; in other words, they should be smart. And thirdly, they must be able to withstand the harsh conditions at sea: the salt spray, the wetness, the temperature fluctuations and the blows from a storm.

The advantages of Phoenix Mecano's linear drives

Phoenix Mecano's drive solutions combine extreme robustness with precision and simple integration into designs of all kinds. You will benefit from these seven advantages:

  • Compact: The electric cylinders are so compact that they can be easily installed in virtually any fixture.
  • Customized – even for small quantities: All our drives are modular in design. We can flexibly adapt them to your construction. Starting from a batch size of 1!
  • Precise: We are proud that our linear drives are manufactured with Swiss precision. They deliver repeatable adjustment accuracy in the millimetre range – even when used in a rough environment.
  • Intelligence: The LD1000C model is equipped with a miniature PLC on the circuit board. This intelligent linear drive communicates with your control systems via the CAN bus.
  • Highest protection class: Many of our electric cylinders are certified for the highest protection class IP69k (static). They withstand years of usage on the high seas.
  • Robust: All our products feature extremely robust constructions. They are not affected by shocks, vibrations, heat, cold and other impacts.
  • Security for your investment: If you reorder additional, identically configured linear drives after a few years, we can deliver them to you immediately. That's because we know how important the continuity of the model range is for you.

Typical applications for our linear drives in marine engineering

  • Adjusting seats
  • Controlling bathing platforms
  • Opening and closing all types of windows and hatches
  • Setting the GPS antenna
  • Lifting and lowering fixtures
  • Remote control of devices
  • Electric controls for sailboats (e.g. centreboard)
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