Linear drives for Agricultural Machinery

Dust, heat and unevenness in the ground are just a few of the challenges that agricultural machines have to deal with day in and day out. Phoenix Mecano's versatile drive solutions can withstand these extreme conditions at all times. Our linear drives have an extremely robust construction and, therefore, outstanding environmental resistance and durability. Thanks to their compact design, they are very versatile and can be used for both mobile and stationary machines – even when space is limited. Such applications include:

  1. Balers
  2. Fertilizer spreaders
  3. Harvesters
  4. Field choppers
  5. Combine harvesters
  6. Crop protection equipment
  7. Mechanical weed control
  8. Cultivation technology

When installed in agricultural machinery, our robust linear drives are capable of a wide range of functions. They can, for example, adjust sieves, regulate the dosage of products, and open and close grain tanks. The maintenance-free DC motors used inside Phoenix Mecano's linear drives reinforce the excellent reliability and operational safety of these drive systems.


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