Mobile and off-highway transportation

Modern work/transport machines are designed for adverse conditions. Robust construction is required to ensure long-term productive functionality. This is particularly true for the installed drives. You are always on the safe side with linear drives from Phoenix Mecano. Our efficient solutions always work reliably, are extremely resistant to environmental conditions, and can be used flexibly. This intelligent drive technology can be used in:

  1. Construction machinery
  2. Forestry machinery
  3. Transport vehicles
  4. Baggage carts
  5. Fire engines
  6. Traffic guidance systems
  7. Rescue vehicles
  8. Lifting systems

They ensure precise positioning and height adjustments for machines and individual components. They are also perfect for opening and closing storage compartments or loading hatches. Phoenix-Mecano's intelligent drive technology permits precise positioning – thus opening up a wide range of possibilities for agricultural and municipal machinery. High IP-class protection and a robust design ensure enormous resistance to extreme environmental influences.

Mobile and off-highway applications

A lot is expected of modern work transport machines: outstanding functionality, ergonomic quality, durability and absolute reliability under harsh operating conditions. In the case of fire engines, rescue vehicles and other municipal vehicles, it is important that uncomplicated, safe control by less experienced personnel is possible. This is despite the growing complexity of vehicle functions.

Electronic control and monitoring functionality are increasingly taken for granted, as is the high precision of actuators and drives.

Why linear drives are important

Linear drives help to meet these more demanding requirements. Thanks to their simple digital control, uncomplicated networking and ease of maintenance, they are increasingly being used as replacements for hydraulic actuators. A key advantage is that they operate with great, repeatable precision and provide accurate position feedback. This enables complex, largely automated control systems for agricultural machinery to be implemented.

Requirements for linear drives in agricultural machinery

Many machines in the mobile and off-highway sector are used in harsh operating environments. They are exposed to dust, moisture, vibrations and even chemicals. To avoid any costly and dangerous systemic malfunctions, the installed linear drives must work absolutely reliably and be immune to any environmental influences.

Highly automated, complex vehicles and machines also require favourable installation dimensions and uncomplicated installation into control systems.

Municipal vehicles are often used for decades. Excellent manufacturer service is important to ensure that updates, adjustments and repairs can be done quickly.

The advantages of Phoenix Mecano's linear drives

Phoenix Mecano's drive solutions combine extreme robustness with precision and simple integration into designs of all kinds. You will benefit from these seven advantages:

  • Compact: The electric cylinders are so compact that they can be easily installed in virtually any machine.
  • Customized – even for small quantities: All our drives are modular in design. We can flexibly adapt them to your construction. Starting from a batch size of 1!
  • Precise: We are proud that our linear drives are manufactured with Swiss precision. They deliver repeatable adjustment accuracy in the millimetre range – even when used in a rough environment.
  • Intelligence: The LD1000C model is equipped with a miniature PLC on the circuit board. This intelligent linear drive communicates with your control systems via the CAN bus.
  • Highest protection class: Many of our electric cylinders are certified for the highest protection class IP69k (static). They even withstand the direct jet from a high-pressure cleaner.
  • Robust: All our products feature extremely robust constructions. They are not affected by shocks, vibrations, heat, cold and other impacts.
  • Security for your investment: If you reorder additional, identically configured linear drives after a few years, we can deliver them to you immediately. That's because we know how important the continuity of the model range is for you.

Typical applications for our linear drives in mobile and off-highway use

  • Municipal vehicles: Adjustment of attachments such as ladders or equipment at the push of a button
  • Baggage conveyor machines: Fast, precise adjustment for docking the conveyor to the loading vehicle
  • Construction machinery: Retrofitting for functions such as automatic idle cut-off, hydraulic replacement, etc.
  • Lifting systems: Fine adjustment of support mechanisms, support arms, etc. with precise digital position feedback
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