Linear drives for industry and logistics applications

Production facilities and logistics centres are promoting digitalization, automation and process optimization in order to survive against fierce competition. The aim is to optimize the relationship between speed, quality and cost efficiency, and to ensure uninterrupted operations.

Whether it's building automation, machine control, semi-autonomous industrial trucks or intelligent loading ramp control: safety, precision, reliability and ease of use are the top priorities.

Linear drives are the heroes of digitalization

Linear drives are at the heart of the digitalization of machines and vehicles. They are omnipresent. They are installed in every lifting system, every industrial truck, every ventilation system and every modern loading ramp.

And not a single one of them is permitted to fail. Each must deliver a constant performance: for years and sometimes around the clock. Often, they must work under adverse environmental conditions that include shocks, vibrations, rain, ice and sometimes even chemicals.

Naturally, reproducible precision is expected: where even after 10,000 movements, the position reached is still accurate to the millimetre. Only in this way is it possible, for example, to build automatic docking devices for industrial trucks, lifting and lowering devices for transport racks or loading ramp controls.

Linear drives must adapt to the construction. Ideally, they should blend in seamlessly and unobtrusively, with precisely matched mounting holes, stroke lengths and adapters.

The advantages of Phoenix Mecano's linear drives

Phoenix Mecano's drive solutions combine extreme robustness with precision and easy integration into all kinds of constructions. You benefit from the following advantages:

  • Intelligence: The LD1000C model is equipped with a miniature PLC on the circuit board. This intelligent linear drive communicates with your control systems via the CAN bus.
  • Precise: We are proud that our linear drives are manufactured with Swiss precision. They deliver repeatable adjustment accuracy in the millimetre range.
  • Compact: The electric cylinders are so compact that they can be easily installed in virtually any machine.
  • Customized – even for small quantities: All our drives are modular in design. We can flexibly adapt them to your construction. Starting from a batch size of 1!
  • Highest protection class: Many of our electric cylinders are certified for the highest protection class IP69k (static). They even withstand the direct jet from a high-pressure cleaner.
  • Robust: All our products feature extremely robust constructions. They are not affected by shocks, vibrations, heat, cold and other impacts.
  • Security for your investment: If you reorder additional, identically configured linear drives after a few years, we can deliver them to you immediately. That's because we know how important the continuity of the model range is for you.


Typical industry and logistics applications for our linear drives

  • Building automation
  • Vehicles
  • Lifting and lowering fixtures
  • Docking mechanisms
  • Industrial machinery


Phoenix Mecano linear drives are used in logistics centres for

  1. Controlling shading systems
  2. Controlling the supply of fresh air
  3. Controlling loading ramps
  4. Adjusting of access/loading ramps
  5. Opening and closing the exhaust air hatches
  6. Controlling the building ventilation system
  7. Opening and closing windows
  8. Lifting and lowering functions for transport racks
  9. Coupling systems for industrial trucks
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