LD1000 Variant overview

The Linear actuator LD1000 is a maintenance-free high-performance drive from the latest generation. It combines power and precision with a compact design. It also has the incredible ability to be integrated into practically any machine, fixture or building component.

This linear drive delivers up to 10,000 N thrust or up to 156 mm/s adjustment speed. The freely selectable stroke length from 15 mm – 1,000 mm, customizable hanging mechanisms and connections, as well as the various control options make it suitable for a variety of applications.

The Linear actuator is designed to ensure maximum robustness and durability. This is supported by the above-average duty cycle of 30% and the high-quality housing, which can even withstand a high-pressure water jet thanks to its IP69k protection.

The LD1000C variant has a controller that can be updated which is fully integrated into the housing, and is also suitable for synchronous operations.

The identical LD1000E variant does not include this integrated controller. However, it can also be controlled in several ways and provides end position signals as well as overcurrent limiting.

LD1000E and LD1000C compared

With Endswitch
With Controller
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Control / regulating functions
Speed regulating
Configurable speed
Programmable start/stop ramps
Customer software
Can be controlled digitally
Direction of movement can be selected by reversing the polarity of the supply voltage
Synchronous drive movement
Absolute displacement measuring system
Detection of end position
End-position feedback potential bound
End-position feedback potential-free
Analogue position feedback
Position signal query
Communication interface
Monitoring functions
Current limiting
Current regulating
Power shut-down
Blocking shut-down
Temperature monitoring
Additional features
Customizable hanging mechanisms
Special strokes can be set at factory
Special strokes can be set by customer (with software)
Self-locking up to the rated load
High protection class (IP69K)
Overload coupling
Available Not available
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