Linear Drive BGR 010

The compact and robust linear drive

The linear drives of the 010 series are at the forefront of the digitalization of machines. They were originally developed for electrically controlled throttle adjustments on diesel engines. Today, they can be found wherever fixture components, buildings or machines must be moved by remote control.

Two features are responsible for the electric cylinder BGR 010's success: These drives have been specially designed for confined spaces and harsh operating conditions; thus, they are compact and robust.

Customer benefits

Compact design

Robust aluminium housing

Maintenance-free motor

Protection class IP54

Small installation dimension

Adjustable stroke speed and length

Easy integration into existing systems

Standard configurations

General data


max. 500N


max. 38mm/s

Stroke length

min. 30mm – max. 100mm or
min. 1mm – max. 70mm

Installation dimension (G)

138mm (Typ M10)
238mm (Typ LH10)
270mm (Typ LH11, LH950)

Duty cycle


Position feedback


Supply voltage

12 VDC or 24 VDC

Intergrated limit switch


End position signal


Protection class

IP54 or IP40 (static)


up to nominal load

Storage temperature

-20°C to +80°C


Rod end

Eye bold, steel anodized

Housing end

Integrated M6 thread

Lift tube material

Stainless steel or POM

Housing material

Die-cast aluminum, anodized aluminum profile



Cable length



Suspensions individually selectable
Special strokes adjustable ex works
Special strokes adjustable by customer

More data

Control / Regulation

Voltage polarity

Position feedback

End position feedback potential bound
End position feedback potential-free

The advantages of linear drive BGR 010:

  • Compact: Specially built for confined spaces.
  • Robust: Impact-resistant aluminium housing with protection class IP54 (static)
  • Durable: High-quality, maintenance-free drives
  • Safe: Reliable end position limiting and overcurrent protection
  • Durable: Above-average duty cycle of up to 40%


Position feedback can be flexibly configured

To ensure that the electric cylinder can be optimally integrated into your system, the position feedback signals can be flexibly configured.

End position feedback signals are available potential-free or potential-linked (non-isolated) as well as (for types LH10, LH11 and LH950) a high-precision potentiometer.

Easy installation thanks to the customized adaptation options

The wide range of options means you can tailor these linear drives exactly to your needs:

  • Stroke length: The stroke length can be easily adjusted from the outside. Special customized stroke lengths or installation lengths are also available on request.
  • Gearing: Choose between three versions with different combinations of power and speed.
  • Hanging mechanisms can be selected as needed. We can also customize the adapters and couplings individually to fit your requirements. Just ask us!
  • Operating voltage: Choose between linear drives 12V and 24V.
  • Cable length and plug: The cable length and connections / plugs can be customized on request.


Typical applications for the linear drive BGR010

In addition to the original application – for gas adjustment in diesel engines – the BGR 010 linear drives are used in many other areas, including:

Agricultural machinery:

  • Adjusting grain sieves
  • Folding down straw choppers
  • Positioning chaff spreaders

Mobile and off-highway:

  • Format adjustment for conveyor belts
  • Locking security doors

Offshore and marine technology:

  • Tilting GPS antenna

Industrial and logistics:

  • Moving ventilation flaps
  • Adjusting machine parts
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